Meet Vino's Chick

Let's put some lip gloss

 on a glass

and #makestuff




Who is she?

​She is me. And I’m Tonii two i Turner, Proprietress and Creative Director of Chick's Creative Studio. Designer of Chick Rocks by Vino's Chick® Wine Accessory Collection and Pocket Change (note to self affirmation gems). Wine maker. Creativepreneur. And some other stuff that would only bore you.

Still you wonder who the heck is that? Funny you should ask. You'll be sorry you did. Here goes:  I’m Vino's Chick® , Craig's Stalker, gardener, wine maker, wine lover, crafter, DIY’er, the mocha Martha Stewart type, the #flowergirl living the #flowergirllife in my #flowergirlworld, and an extreme creative soul who longs to blog. Oh if I could only find the time! Maybe if I didn’t spend so much time dreaming up ways to turn something old and used into something creatively fabulous I could blog more. Ya think?


So let’s unwind with a sip of whatever you like and allow our creative minds to realize the fun potential of creating a piece of 'art' or something super functional, sustainable, useful and most importantly...fabulous!